Pesci Che Volano

Handcrafted Bronze jewellery - Made in Florence

Pesci che volano produces bronze jewellery using the ancient lost-wax casting technique; for the past twenty years we have strived to maintain the appeal for an ever timeless taste for essential forms, for handmade work (which as such preserves the charm for the imperfect and the uniqueness of each piece), for a natural creative process devoid of specific allusions to trends or cultures. This specific production method and the specific stylistic intent of simplicity, give our jewellery an antique feel, almost primitive, and without having an intentional or searched reference, has some resemblance with gold and bronze Etruscan works or other Italian protohistoric cultures.

The name “Pesci che volano” (flying fish) has a very precise artistic reference, but not obvious enough to forgo an explanation: the inspiration is one of a Bosch triptych altarpiece, where human figures ride flying fish. This image is a metaphor for the folly and dissolute times which the artwork puts in evidence. Instead of that specific significance, the image has been adopted for the charm of the author’s imaginary world, mainly as a tribute to fantasy and as a display of the personal necessity to work outside of rules and regulations. Fish is full of different meanings in various cultures and religions, however we are not associating any specific symbolic messages but we are using the image for the pleasing graphic motif easily used in multiple styles. The “flying fish” image is a constant reminder for us to give room to imagination and to keep a commitment to originality and creative freedom.

Each piece of jewelry of “Pesci che volano” is a unique item realized with the very ancient lost-wax casting technique. The melted metal is drained in the cast which then remains in a cover of plaster after the liquefaction of the prototype. This sample moldeled in wax, remains lost and is not replicable in a series. This process in addition to the work entirely handmade, constitutes the essential value of each piece.

Irregularities and imperfections on the surface are not therefore to be considered defects, but viewed as characteristic and quality of the product. The choice of using bronze (a copper and tin alloy without nickel), ebony and silver is driven by not just aesthetics but also because of the low reaction risk of these materials

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