Waverley Mills

Weaving luxury since 1874

Waverley Mills is luxury, quality, and sustainability. As Australia’s oldest working textile mill (est. in 1874), WM produces designer wool products that are guaranteed to last, beautifully and carefully crafted and ethically produced.

Australia produces the best wool in the world. And Waverley Mills takes the finest wool and people to make the best throws, blankets, rugs and scarves.

Starting with the essentials: the finest quality wool, alpaca, mohair and cotton. Then only the most skilled artisan craftsmanship and the latest in sustainable practices is used to produce iconic blankets, rugs, throws, scarves and clever recycled blankets.

Situated on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston, Tasmania, WM rich history has seen them become a market leader in high quality textile production and their pioneering spirit has ensured they lead the way in innovative, sustainable production processes.

Crafted in Tasmania, Waverly Mills is proudly Australian owned and made, their iconic products are made to be naturally beautiful and are made to last, that is why each product is backed up with a lifetime warranty.


In 1874 Peter Bulman an expat Scot produced tweed, blankets, felted cloth, shirting and flannel in his yet to be named mill on the banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston, Tasmania. The press dubbed it the Waverley Woollen Factory and years later Bulman would name his factory, Waverley Mills.

For nearly 150 years Waverley Mills has been producing Australia’s highest quality wool textiles and made textile manufacturing a dominant industry in Tasmania with Waverley Mills once boasting 80% of the Australian blanket market.

Always quality. Always luxury. Always authentic and respectful to the environment. Always a leader, Waverley Mills continues today that same tradition.

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