La Bottega di Brunella A/W 2020

The call to prayer echoes across the rooftops as the sun vanishes over one of the world’s most magnificent skylines – another day ends in Istanbul. La Bottega di Brunella’s 2020 Collection is an ode to the magical city that straddles two continents and effortlessly melds ancient tradition and modern vibrancy.

With pure Italian linen as its centrepiece, the label introduces new, intricate woven fabrics and exotic patterns. Unique textiles give a fresh twist to the La Bottega di Brunella’s signature styles while key elements of the local culture spark the creation of new designs.

Beautiful earthy tones and warm hues are at the heart of the 2020 colour palette, inspired by the freshly ground spices that line the aisles of historic bazaars with their remarkable colours and aromas. They are perfectly matched with soft neutrals and misty greys of minarets, mosques and opulent palaces where sultans once lived.

We invite you to unfold the layers of history and discover the many treasures of Istanbul with La Bottega di Brunella’s 2020 Collection.


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