Meet Lou Kenny

Lou Kenny, the face of La Bottega di Brunella’s Momenti collection.

At 60, the international model and yoga teacher exhales confidence, elegance and grace – the result of a life lived with purpose, without ever losing her sense of adventure and wonder.

You have been in the fashion industry for over 40 years. Has there been a shift in the way beauty is perceived and expressed?

Is it that long already? Yes, I must confess it’s true – for the last 40+ years I’ve been involved in the fashion industry, the last 5 years in London, with 5 agents worldwide now. I have seen many changes within the industry, gladly most of which are for the better. Certainly a shift in the perception and expression of beauty to more of an internal appreciation, rather than too external. By that I mean that one’s personality seems to be more appreciated and individuality is far more sought after now than I can recall in the past.

What truly makes a woman beautiful?

The eyes. It’s always in the eyes, the windows to the soul. Kind, soft, listening eyes are the ones I am drawn to.

How do you cultivate wellness in your daily life?

I am often travelling for work and always manage to implement a stretch or 10 into my day, often in a simple way. Door frames are a favourite of mine to stretch from. I am constantly looking for a railing hip height, which are usually easily found, providing me with a suitable prop to hold and play.

What makes you feel home?

Indoor plants, pets, salt lamps, incense, blues music… all of these sound like me when I’m home or making a space mine temporarily. In London, I housesat a couple times, so I could get my K9 fix and often bought and left behind a maidenhair or two.

Do you have any rituals to make your home your happy place?

Bathing is a must for me. I can’t imagine a home without a bath, candles and soft sounds… I do hear the ocean from my home at night. It’s really just the most comforting sound for me.

What do you like to wear when you’re at home or travelling?

Like most folks, my priority is comfort, which is largely the fabric. No matter what the cut, it has to be in a quality, natural fibre that breaths and lasts well.

What do you love most about La Bottega di Brunella?

My introduction to La Bottega di Brunella was through my dear friend Julia – we modelled together in the ‘80s and ‘90s. She stocks the label at Penny and Reiby, in Port Fairy, and I have great faith in her taste. She assured me of their quality and style, and she wasn’t wrong. My daughter Edith and I have several pieces now, which we treasure. Such beautiful linen that not only looks and feels great but also washes and wears so very well, we love them!

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