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uncovering hidden treasures from around the world.

At Importante we source labels from creators whose talent echoes the uniqueness of their craftmanship and supply them to selected retailers who share the same values.

Discovering hidden treasures and revealing their stories is at the heart of the work we’ve been doing for over a decade.

We like to see ourselves as the connection between makers and those who appreciate the beauty of their creations, inviting them to experience the extraordinary in every piece.

Working with retailers in Australia and New Zealand make it possible to bring distinctive labels from all corners of the world to our little nook on the map.

Each label we work with is unique and is treated as such.

We uncover the singular elements of their stories and nurture long-term relationships with their designers. We take the time to learn and appreciate the craftmanship of materials, techniques and the time involved into bringing a label to life.

We dive into their creativity and the love that inspires them to imagine and create beauty, and then share it everywhere we go.

Our Labels

Uncover thoughtfully curated fashion and lifestyle from around the world.

La Bottega di Brunella

Deeply rooted in Italy’s artisan traditions, La Bottega di Brunella takes linen to a whole new level.

Pesci Che Volano

Pesci draws inspiration from the ocean to create a unique range of handcrafted jewellery pieces.


On a mission for a more harmonious relationship between fashion and the planet.

Caterina Lucchi

Everlasting handbags made with meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional high-quality materials.


Crafted swimwear and accessories made from pre-existing fabric stocks, consciously avoiding the creation of new fabric production.


Inkolives’ products are designed to support craftsmanship, encourage new ideas and help traditional skills to survive and thrive.

Len & Spolka

Inspired by the elements of the earth and the spirit of freedom, Len & Spolka seamlessly blends style with the raw beauty of nature.


Importante is a multifaceted fashion and lifestyle agency specialising in the wholesale and distribution of local and international labels, connecting creators and retailers around the globe.

We’ve been representing distinguished collections in Australian and New Zealand for over a decade and are very excited about having expanded our footprint to the landscapes of Europe in the last years.

We love what we do and dedicate equal care to both the brands we represent and the retailers we supply to. We value collaborative partnerships and nurture long-term relationships aiming to see our clients and labels flourish along the way.

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