Stapf is sustainability – No, seriously.

Stapf is sustainability – No, seriously.


In an industry saturated with fast fashion and mass production, never before has there been a desire and a need for truly conscious labels.

Enter Stapf – Austria’s naturally sustainable fashion house.


Stapf knits and mills their fabrics in Wörgl, Tyrol, in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Made from wool, an inherently sustainable material, every yarn is prepared and knitted on traditional circular and flat knitting machines and boiled using only pristine water sourced from the surrounding mountains. It is this process of using only water and renewable energy to prepare the yarn, that brings a truly sustainable product to life.


The wool is sourced from small farms in Austria and Tuscany, and the organic cotton from Portugal is GOTS-certified. Sewing of garments takes place exclusively in Europe so that a close relationship between the creators of the designs and the hands that bring them to life can remain local, and at the heart of Stapf’s core values.


True to its philosophy, Stapf creates stylish, minimal lines that echo the pureness of its materials  – staple pieces created without the addition of unnatural dyes, plastics, or chemical additives. Each garment is made using only mulesing-free wool, organic cotton, and buttons and fixtures formed from wood, metal, horn, or recycled coffee grounds.


Stapf has achieved something truly remarkable – remain traditional in its approach to textile manufacturing yet stay current in a fast-paced market and follow a pivotal shift in consumer habits. They have fought against the excessively mass-produced clothing of the past and have instead developed the label alongside consumers searching for long-lasting, ethical, and conscious fashion alternatives.


Stapf crafts the highest collections from premium materials, ensuring durability, practicality, and a timeless style that can be adapted to any wardrobe and worn for a lifetime, reinforcing its motto, naturally sustainable.

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