Stapf: redefining legacy

Stapf: redefining legacy

Since 1958, Stapf has created beautiful winter garments, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that the label really became a frontrunner in high-quality modern minimalistic styles and sustainable practices that has been inspiring the fashion industry in Europe, and now in Australia and New Zealand.

When environmental-enthusiast couple Katherin and Sebastian adopted the label, they initiated the revival of the classic brand and leaned into the legacy of local sourcing and manufacturing, delving into the quality and purity of the raw materials, and unlocking the true value of Stapf.


The dynamic duo worked on making organic cotton and superfine mulesing-free wool the centre of the product. Stapf’s collections are focused on the construction and materials being the very heart of each piece, with the true beauty of the label lying in the connection between the wearer and their desire to uphold a commitment to the environment in every choice they make. Sustainability and keeping the making process local are the core values of Stapf, displaying a deep respect for natural elements and the people who bring the designs to life.


Katherin and Sebastian also revitalised the style elements of the label, infusing a modern feel whilst preserving the brand’s legacy. The cuts were refined to create timeless shapes, sleek lines, and minimalist forms, seamlessly incorporating its rich heritage. The natural elements in neutral, earthy tones, reflect the harmony between the designs and the surrounding region. The effortless blend of sophistication and simplicity echoes the European classic styles, while the durability of high-quality fabrics promotes longevity in both the garments, and the label itself.


With a focus on sustainability as well as distinctive style, Stapf’s popularity continues to grow. With a history of local manufacturing, durable materials, and an undeniably chic allure, Stapf has remained reliable through the mass-produced fast fashion of recent decades. It leaves outdated and low-quality trends in the past and instead promotes a better understanding of the environment, nature, and kindness to the planet through sustainability.


Their vision has propelled Stapf into the modern world, inspiring consumers with luxury products that promote sustainability, whilst empowering the fashion industry with impeccable style through conscious choices.

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