The Charms of Cesena

The Charms of Cesena

Up along the eastern coast of Italy, tucked away between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains of Romagna, lies Cesena – a romantic Italian city marked by a rich history and vibrant culture, and known for its warm, colourful buildings and delicately paved streets. It is right here that you will find the home of Caterina Lucchi.


Before becoming the world-renowned label that we know and love, Caterina Lucchi’s journey began as a side project. Caterina was still studying when she started designing and creating handmade bags in the cellar, alongside her now husband Marco Campomaggi. They would travel to the nearby seaside town of Cesenatico, with their small fashion startup focusing on quality Italian-made pieces that could be blended into any wardrobe.

Much like other historic Italian cities, Cesena’s streets are filled with gorgeous alfresco bars, restaurants, and plazas scattered with sculptures. Large houses with vibrant gardens, ambling roads overlooking the city, and quaint streets of boutiques and alleyways provide a myriad of environments for individual fashion trends to flourish.

Being a smaller city than Milan or Florence, Cesena’s fashion culture is deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship and classic sophistication, focusing on individual expression rather than following global fast-fashion trends. Residents grace the streets in timeless, elegant styles, donning outfits crafted with quality materials and refined tailoring, and marked by meticulous attention to detail. The inspiration behind Caterina’s label demonstrates this effortlessly luxurious style with an emphasis on the natural refinement of Italian materials and artisanal pieces. The style behind her designs reflects the surrounding charm of Cesena, whilst adding another dimension of femininity and authenticity.


Caterina’s love for her hometown is also evident in the production of her collections. Creating products made in Italy with locally sourced materials reflects the appreciation for her region, and the continued investment in artisans and traditional techniques supports local heritage – sharing a piece of Cesena through her designs. Even in the offices and showrooms, the importance of sustainability and harmony can be felt through the design of the interior spaces, leaving us with the same inspiration for Caterina Lucchi’s values.

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