Stapf – Step into a world of stylish simplicity, where edgy details meet classic cuts.

Step into a world of stylish simplicity, where edgy details meet classic cuts.


Stapf touches down in Australia and New Zealand for the first time with their classic yet edgy winter collection from the heart of the Austrian Alps. Embracing a commitment to exceptional quality, Stapf seamlessly incorporates the highest-grade mulesing-free wool and certified organic cotton to create a minimalistic stylish range, all 100% sourced and made in Europe.


Designed and made in Tyrol, Austria, Stapf weaves naturally sustainable fashion with simplistic designs, creating a label that celebrates contemporary style with the distinctive European look. Neutral hues and classic shapes converge to create the perfect blend of practicality and timelessness, while the clean lines and gentle textures lead the way to an easy urban style.

Embracing minimalistic forms and soft, neutral tones, Stapf presents effortlessly versatile pieces that are soft to the touch and cater to all genders and tastes. The fluidity of simple, contemporary cuts beautifully complements every wearer. The collection ensures a blend of European winter-inspired warmth, comfort, and style, whilst breaking away from conventional fashion boundaries.

Harmony with nature is at the centre of the Stapf story, alongside the desire to encourage conscious fashion choices. The timeless garments highlight adaptability, comfort, and innovation made to last a lifetime. The blend of traditional winter cuts and modern sophistication can be felt in the thoughtfully manufactured wool and cotton materials combined with the wild elements of wood, horn and even coffee grounds found on the buttons.

The rising wave of minimalism and simplicity is a lifestyle choice. We are seeing a shift towards sleek, edgy pieces that can be styled to match any outfit, and a deeper appreciation to quality and long-lasting materials. Unfussy designs and clean-cut shapes are a staple must-have for any wardrobe, with Stapf’s signature pieces creating that effortlessly cool vibe for the colder months.

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