Classic with a twist: Meet Hayley Bonham

Hayley Bonham

New mother, interior and fashion stylist, co-creator of La Porte Space and soon to launch luxury boutique hotel, Casa Renoir

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It’s in my roots

My parents had their own businesses and they encouraged me to work and gain experience from a young age. I was always creating little businesses and coming up with ideas as a child. I think it’s always been ingrained in me.


Finding balance

I’m really focused on being a present mother to my son and I’m trying to balance the workload. It’s definitely a lot more challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Wanderlust inspiration

Travel is a huge influence with our developments, and Italy is one of my favourite places. I have spent many summer holidays on its shores, got engaged in Capri and married in Puglia. I just love the people, the culture, the architecture, and the relaxed way of life. And of course, the food. I can’t wait to explore the world again, but I am also enjoying exploring more of Australia and appreciating our own backyard.



Having worked with multiple fashion brands throughout my career, I believe what makes a fashion label thrive is authenticity, originality, sustainable practices, and quality.



I like garments that are refined and classic with a masculine twist. I only invest in pieces that are well made and I tend not to follow trends. Being in my thirties, I know who I am, and I know what I like to wear.


La Bottega di Brunella

I discovered La Bottega di Brunella on one of my trips to Positano. I purchased a few pieces from their store and love wearing them. I actually have some items from their men’s collection too.


Hotelier in the making

My husband Rory and I will soon be launching a luxury accommodation in the Noosa Hinterland. Casa Renoir is heavily inspired by our time in Italy, but we are also very conscious of honouring the Australian landscape. We have been very focused on the sustainability aspects of the design and how guests will be able to consciously participate in positively contributing to the environment when they stay with us. It’s a big project and we are excited to open a small part of it to the public this year.

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