Creativity is power: Meet Jzhonnie Lumiere

Jzhonnie Bechet Lumiere

Feminine energy, mother, lover, creative and passionate aestheticist


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“I have found the best way to nurture my creativity is to use it. Life itself is the best excuse to create a moment of carefully curated beauty.

I endeavour to own only beautiful things. And then even in moments of sheer practically, there is beauty.

We also prioritise creativity with the boys so there is a lot of drawing, painting and sculpting that goes on in our house.

Of course there are times I feel a little flat. It’s in these moments that I call upon my journals and nature. I carry my little notebook everywhere. I’m forever jotting down feelings and sketching up inspirations.

I also find that immersing myself in nature refreshes my creativity, whether it’s stopping to investigate the texture of a tree bark on a walk with the family or collecting shells at the water’s edge. I never leave a day of fresh air and adventure without my head swimming with new inspiration.

I am also blessed with wonderful friends who motivate and inspire me.”


“Motherhood is my highest mountain, my deepest joy. Love, patience, learning and forgiveness.

Most of all love, I love them with a fierceness I didn’t deem possible. The boys are just magical for teaching me to slow down, to observe the beauty around me, to live in the moment.”


“Jasper is my love, my inspiration, my best friend and soulmate. He is an absolutely adoring partner, loving father and he looks at me like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.

He inspires me with his constant creativity, designing and installing exquisite gardens. Sharing his wisdom in plant knowledge and motivating me with his ability to work equally as hard with his hands in the earth as he does with a pencil and paper.

He is my fellow dreamer, fellow explorer and fellow aestheticist.”


“Immersing myself in the beauty of nature with my family and loved ones. Add good food and fine wine to this and that would be my perfect weekend.”


“There’s a definite element of costume to the way I curate an outfit. One day I’m the Spanish dancer, the next I’m on a safari in Africa.

Sometimes I get really immersed in a theme and I may wear it for a whole month. Although whatever the theme is, there is always my intrinsic style woven through.

There’s a lot of linen, big hats, skirts that swish, long dresses, flowers in my hair, big scarfs and a great leather belt. I also wear a lot of esoteric, one-off pieces that I create myself and add to the mix. Bare feet is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.”


“Fabric is my first appreciation, I wear almost exclusively natural fibres. I adore the textures of linen, cotton, wool and silk. I appreciate the nature of handmade items and prioritise timeless design.

I focus on sustainability and purchase only a combination of vintage pieces, independent artisans and carefully chosen labels whose values align with my own.”

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