Living the rhythm of the seasons: Meet Cressida Cains

Cressida Cains

AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award winner, businesswoman, farmer and cheesemaker.

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One Step at a Time

All aspects of my life naturally built on another. I built my skills and confidence over time, in small steps. It definitely doesn’t mean I have all the answers, though.


Beauty in Every Season

I adore the diversity of the times of the year in our business. Working with the natural rhythm of the seasons is the way I want to live. There’s always something different to do, no two days are the same. Now it’s the time when we wean the lambs on to fresh green grass. The milk is sweet and plentiful, and the sun makes the bush fragrant and vibrant.


Learning from Nature

Working with animals and the natural elements has endless challenges. I try to acknowledge what is beyond my control and not fight it.


Supporting Small  

Dairy Cocoon is an online platform and support hub of business tools, education and mentoring to help interested small dairy farmers transform up the value chain into producing their own branded product. It addresses the very real problem of so many small dairy farmers leaving the industry. I genuinely believe though that it’s an exciting time for dairy in Australia! There is huge opportunity for independent brands.



Walking in the beautiful rainforest on our farm re-energizes me when I’m feeling tired or burned out. I also have a daily yoga practice which always centers and recharges me.



My personal style is relaxed and comfortable. I spend a lot of time in jeans on the farm, so I love the opportunity to dress up and wear something beautiful. I have a great weakness for gorgeous shoes!



I love good design and clothes which are well cut. I think that’s what makes pieces timeless and graceful. La Bottega Di Brunella embodies this in all their collections.


Adventure awaits

I find life so exciting and inspiring. Michael and I have lots of plans for the years ahead! Our newest venture is a bar we are going to open in Robertson, called Pecora Cheese and Wine. We are passionate about creating a beautiful experience with the highest quality produce, cheese and wine.

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