Soul pilgrim and body poet: Meet Lara Zilibowitz

Lara Zilibowitz

Yoga teacher, creator, mover, maker, physical healer, artist, nature lover, experience seeker and facilitator with an unquenchable thirst for life.

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The Wisdom of the Body 

I’ve spent most of my adult life plumbing the mysteries of this body/mind, seeking and exploring what it means to be a human and to have this one-of-a-kind unique body – and then encouraging all who I am lucky enough to cross on this path to do the same.

My days are woven with wiggling around on my yoga mat as well as inviting students to pay intimate attention to the texture of sensation in their own bodies, satiating creative urges of art making and pottery, planning upcoming retreats and trainings, scribbling down my musings and not to forget dips in the ocean and basking in the sun as regularly as I can.


The Art of Being

Both art and yoga require an attitude of awe and wonderment – the defining aspects of spirituality. With both modalities we’re invited to lose ourselves in the moment, and in that process to find yourself so completely. To realise what it is we love, what are our passions and true purpose. To refine what matters most.



I’d call myself a relaxed bohemian. I value comfort, texture, flow, and flattering shapes and designs.


Life with Benny

Benny is the love of my life – a true soul partner to journey through life, work and play together. He is an extraordinary musician, and it’s always the deepest privilege for us to do what we love, by one another’s side.



I get down to the water as regularly as I can… I love the healing effects from the salt and the sun. I also get weekly bodywork and acupuncture and pause as regularly as I can throughout the day to check in with my body and how I feel.

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