Flourishing Women – Caterina Lucchi’s New Collection in Bloom

Flourishing Women – Caterina Lucchi’s New Collection in Bloom


True beauty comes from a collaboration between artistry, design and craftmanship.

Caterina Lucchi’s new collection blooms to life thanks to the brilliant talents of artists Anna De Carlo and Daniela Poletti. The three famous women partnered to create stunning new pieces now seen in the Donne Fiorite range.

The new collection features iconic paintings by the renowned artist Anna De Carlo, of enchanting women who are framed by the natural elements of flowers, butterflies, and foliage. Drawn to the charm and simplicity of De Carlo’s artworks, Daniela Poletti joined the collaboration, adding dimension to her Murano glass art pieces and bringing layers of colour and life to the ‘flourishing women’.

Whether it’s the intricate embroidery or the bold colours of the leather, Caterina’s new pieces bring the wearer a perfect blend of floral femininity. Each piece features elements of delicate details and textures of the original acrylic paintings, creating a functional handmade artwork. Caterina saw an opportunity to use designs that could blend perfectly with the natural elements of artisanal leather pieces, and the Donne Fiorite range was born.


Just like the unique and personal tales of each character within the ‘flourishing women’ collection, each handbag is brought to life with her heart, her colour, and her radiance. The dreamy blend of flowers, butterflies, and colours has now transcended into iconic handmade leather accessories exclusively in Caterina Lucchi’s Donne Fiorite range.

As we transition into the warmer months, we can now add an accessory of colour to our wardrobe – a small work of art that transcends the artist’s paintbrush and the artisan’s tools and becomes as timeless as a woman in bloom.

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