Caterina Lucchi – Crafted To Perfection: The Soul of Italian Artisans

Crafted To Perfection: The Soul of Italian Artisans

When you close your eyes and think of Italy, what do you see? Perhaps it’s the delicious food, the flavourful wine, or the breathtaking scenery. Perhaps you think of quality, handmade clothing and the birthplace of modern fashion. This is exactly where you will find Caterina Lucchi – an internationally renowned designer who has mastered the art of creating accessories that are not just fashion statements, but also enduring pieces of art.


What began as a humble project in 1986 by Caterina alongside her now husband Marco Campomaggi, her label grew to become a household name – a name that means quality and opulence. Known for her eye for detail and ambitious takes on classic styles, Caterina has raised the bar on exclusive fashion accessories not just in Italy, but around the world.


At the heart of her brand lies her commitment to expressing bold femininity and the preservation of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Every piece in her collection is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who embody generations of tradition in their craft. The dedication to artisanal methods ensures that each piece is a unique work of art, characterised by the embodiment of tenacious spirit, contemporary elegance, and effortless sophistication.

Through her vision for quality leather accessories, Caterina has embraced the connection between innovation and sustainability. Locally sourced raw materials form the foundation of her designs, and dedicated artisans bring the vision to life. The inspiration behind Caterina’s creations can be found in the intricate details of each piece. Her goal has always been to allow each wearer to express themselves with authentic charm and showcase beauty and style through daring combinations of exciting textures, patterns, and decals.



When fast fashion and mass production are so frequently seen in global fashion trends, the uniqueness and traditional craftsmanship of Caterina Lucchi serve as a beacon, reminding us of the raw beauty in artisanal leather products, the satisfaction of sustainable choices, and the investment of timeless luxury.

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