LA VACANZA DAY 2 | Embracing Hygge: The Danish Approach to Cosy Living

Embracing Hygge: The Danish Approach to Cozy Living

Visiting the sun-drenched gardens of a traditional Danish home with a hot tea in hand, it’s easy to see why the Oxford Dictionary has adopted the word ‘Hygge’ from the Danes – the art of finding sanctuary in relaxation, comfort, and contentment.

Summertime marks the height of cozy living in Denmark. As the sunlight trickles in, it reflects the effortless blend of nature and home, where enjoying some quality relaxing time is paramount to the country’s spirit.


Wrapped in La Bottega di Brunella’s soft, natural fabrics whilst enjoying one another’s company, the feeling of cosiness and relaxation becomes inescapable as we experience the very reason Danes are regularly named amongst the world’s happiest citizens.


While capturing our shots for today’s photoshoot, the home became a peaceful oasis with its blooming gardens and greenhouse, and really embodied the effortless comfort of Brunella’s newest collection.


Hygge is all about finding contentment in life’s simple pleasures. Whether it be taking a long stroll through the grass, enjoying the company of friends, or simply listening to nature, connecting with your hygge becomes an essential life skill.



Earthy tones, natural fibres and long-lasting uncomplicated styles are at the heart of La Bottega Di Brunella’s Spring/Summer 23-24 collection and is what the art of comfort and contentment is to us – Our hygge.

MODEL @sana_knyazeva | PHOTOS @janhammerstad

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