LA VACANZA DAY 3 | Adventure Awaits: Nostalgia and Wonder Around Copenhagen

Adventure Awaits: Nostalgia and Wonder Around Copenhagen

We don’t often think of Scandinavian summer as a beachside adventure, so it was a very welcome surprise to find the picturesque Danish coast and its famous baths during our visit to Copenhagen. Far away from the bustling European tourist hotspots and crowded beaches, we found Denmark’s sandy shores and sun-soaked beaches a perfect spot to start our final day of La Bottega Di Brunella’s Spring/Summer 23-24 photoshoot.


Diving right into the Danish culture, we couldn’t miss the chance to get around on one of the very cute vintage bikes often seen around. We had so much fun discovering the little local treasures through the green wandering paths everywhere we went.

Sticking with our love of all things vintage, we were lucky enough to take this incredible Ford F-150 Ranger Supercab to explore the surrounding regions of Copenhagen, and had to stop by these stunning fields to soak up the afternoon sun.


We ended our visit to Copenhagen with a trip to the magical Bakken, surrounding ourselves with the nostalgic colours, sounds, and flavours that took us right back to our childhood. Home to the two oldest amusement parks in the world, Denmark is no stranger to living on the fun side of life. It was also the perfect opportunity to showcase the versatility of Brunella’s new collection.

MODEL @sana_knyazeva | PHOTOS @janhammerstad

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