Wrapping up our A/W 2021 campaign

As we approach the end of winter, we look back at what a wonderful season it’s been for the team here at Importante.

Our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection was not only beautiful with stunning new pieces and original fabrics but also very inspiring in ways beyond we could have imagined. What made this season’s campaign so special is that instead of doing location photos with professional models, we partnered up with four amazing ambassadors who fully embody La Bottega di Brunella’s founding values and accepted the invitation to help us to create unique campaigns.

The result, well, let’s say we couldn’t be happier. But don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself by clicking on their photos below to see the full campaigns.

Jzhonnie Lumiere

Feminine energy, mother, lover, creative and passionate aestheticist

Belinda Satterthwaite

The Shopkeeper

Lara Zilibowitz

Soul pilgrim and body poet

Lynda Gardener

Interior design maven and collector of all things vintage

They took on the adventure of co-creating the campaigns with us and imprinted their own personality into the collection creating something genuine and unique that truly represents who they are.

These are inspiring, real women from different walks of life who follow their dreams and create beauty in their daily lives, celebrating and sharing their creations with the world with love and grace.

Hope you love them as much as we do.

Team at Importante

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